Mar 18, 2010


History will make note of this time, possibly this very weekend of the 2010 Spring Equinox. Yes, History is being made in these days that will be taught to schoolchildren 100 years from now (Or not - History books are written by the victors).

The Wall Street Journal website allows comments on the Opinion page ( 34 million daily page views, 2.3 million daily visitors. is restricted to registered users - Hot Air gets 18 million monthly page views, 1.3 million monthly unique visitors and 120 million ad impressions. HUGE site, and merely "big" site.

In the last few weeks people have been posting, on these sites, about certain Amendments and how many like-minded folks they would need. "Hypothetically", of course...

Either Homeland Security is pouring gasoline on the fire of anger sweeping America trolling for suspects, the citizenry is on the verge of active opposition to the Government of the United States of America, non-government trolls are just being trolls, or the posters lack all tact and/or common sense.

Is this analysis Logical, or not?

(BTW - what's your opinion?)