Apr 10, 2010

Oath Of Office

Federal Oath Of Office vs. Federal Oath Of Office swearee's behaviour can not be reconciled.

Low Percentage of Logical Correlation

Approximately 12%.

Maybe I should rename this blog to....NOT!

Apr 8, 2010

Ignorance and Wishful Thinking

Ignorance and Wishful Thinking

Here we sit in April 2010, more alert and paying more attention than ever. Thanks to new media, tens of millions of Americans are reading, researching primary sources, and exposing political corruption as never before in history, picking it all apart in real-time – previous generations only found out 20 years later in history books.

YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. “Business as usual” is over. The analysts, pundits, poll-takers, etc. are all “professional” “insiders”. And they are all wrong.

Forest. Trees. You know the hackneyed old saying. They can’t see it, or more probably can’t SAY it. They’re pros, remember, they have a boss to answer to.

Well, I’m happily an amateur, so in this endeavor my boss is myself. The “Silent Majority” are hitting the streets as never before, and all research, study, statistics, etc. about what has come before are no longer pertinent. The last time an earthquake of this magnitude occurred in American politics was the anti-Vietnam-War protests of the 1960’s. Yeah.

Ignore the pundits and the pros, the pollsters, number crunchers, and politicians. The “experts” are always wrong at the tipping points of history. “No one saw it coming!” they’ll all moan. “You can’t blame me!”. Yes, I can and will blame you, sir, it was your cushy government or think-tank job to See It Coming and Let Us Know. Or hell, you could always have just Been Competent and Earned Your Pay instead of offering excuses now. “No one saw it coming”: certainly not the vested interests, the “establishment”, and the clueless. There is an earthquake and LANDSLIDE on the way for November 2010.

Picture this in your mind: You’re sitting on the beach, watching waves come in. They come in, unending, and wash up smoothly to cool our feet as they suck the sand from underneath our feet. Every few minutes, the swells combine to crest as a breaking wave a foot or two high, 50 feet from shore, unthreatening. If you sit there and watch long enough, you’ll eventually see several of the breakers randomly converge on a Mach-3 beeline to the shore. This wave scours the beach clean en route to washing out the road 300 feet inshore.

Unlike beach waves measured in minutes or a few hours, human history is written in decades and generations. You need a longer view and knowledge of that which has come before to “see it coming”. But it comes. Ignorance and wishful thinking can't deflect History.

We certainly live in “interesting times”.

(Events of the last year or so are NOT Logical!)