Nov 14, 2010

In school

I won't bore you right now with all the insanity, ineptitude, incompetence, and inanity at this particular "school". Maybe someday I'll reminisce. Personal demons previously unheralded almost ended this new career before it started. I was scared shitless the first time I drove in traffic, and was lucky not to have killed anyone (myself included)!

But I have regrouped, and I actually have a realistic shot at achieving my goal in 5 days....if I do, it will be the greatest accomplishment of my already-well-accomplished life.

As an Air Force vet and son of an Air Force pilot I hope to Salute!

Oct 28, 2010

Time to post. I start CDL school 11/1/2010

I've always wanted to do this, and at age 50 it's time to get out of the "young man's game" of IT and start a second career.

Over the Road truck driving. Heaven. After 12 months driving for USA Truck (I can't resist the Air force logo), I can then go out west and remember the real beauty of this great country.

Like 2009, when I drive 20k miles in my personal vehicle. Soon, I'll be driving 2500 miles a week.

Updates soon...

Jun 26, 2010

Timely words from 1789, via 1979

"When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow?
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred, fear and lies
Withered hearts and cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude and
Scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering
The sacred Halls of Truth
Ancient nobles showering
Their bitterness on youth
Can't we find the minds that made us strong?
Can't we learn to feel what's right
And what's wrong?
What's wrong?

Cities full of hatred, fear and lies
Withered hearts and cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude and
Scoffing at the wise
Can't we raise our eyes and make a start?
Can't we find the minds to lead us
Closer to the heart?"

Rush, "A Farewell to Kings", title song, copyright Mercury Records.

Jun 4, 2010


In Brazilian Portuguese, this is reportedly a difficult word to translate.

Not for me. It's the only portuguese I have ever known, even before I heard the word. My Mother claims our maid in the Azores spoke portuguese to me as an infant, but I don't remember - we moved when I was barely walking.

"Suadade", nostalgia, loneliness, "I miss you", or "a vague and constant desire for something other than the present, a turning toward the past or the future, an indolent dreaming wistfulness" (A.F.G. Bell).

Just call me J. Suadade Galt...I've felt like "suadade" forever.

Not LOGICAL!, more amygdala than cortex, but as real as the concrete that breaks your nose when you stumble on the curb and faceplant.

Jun 3, 2010

Amygdala vs. Cortex

In other words, what this Blog is all about!

Eric R Markgraf from FaceBook
he's quoting RUSH!

Of course I am...and I frequently quote Heinlein and Jefferson and Locke and Einstein and Heisenberg and Lincoln and other geniuses...we should NOT be making this up as we go along...unless we want to enter another Dark Age like after the fall of Rome.

It's the only answer, or we revert to 10,000 years of killing people we don't like. I'm ready, there are some fuckers out there that I REALLY don't like, but my soul will eternally reside in hell if I indulge myself.

So let's just let you run alone and free, while I pursue a different aim, like Rush said 30 years ago? Or some such? Ok?

Damn, if that could be the headline of the next 365 editions of the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, LA Times and a 24/7 ticker on the screens of CNN and FNC...we might avoid the (2nd? 3rd?) fall of Civilization.

Think "Nightfall", or "Foundation".

amygdala tells me to just shoot the bastards, "it'd be fun!" but my cortex doesn't want to start a new Dark Age. Dilemma...years old...ongoing...

I'm moving this to

Now I can be logical...let's stave off the fall of civilization, ok? Read my previous post. Please!!!!

Logic that we need, now...

I've been crying, and praying, and fretting over how we save ourselves without "shooting the bastards" as seems increasing likely. Then a random iTunes playlist hit this old favorite from my high school days...There is Hope...yes, we can "all get along". Skip to [V. The Sphere: A Kind Of Dream] if you have a short attention span. I present lyrics from the band Rush, album 'Hemispheres':

When our weary world was young
The struggle of the ancients first began
The gods of love and reason
Sought alone to rule the fate of man

They battled through the ages
But still neither force would yield
The people were divided
Every soul a battlefield

[II. Apollo / Dionysus]

[Apollo: Bringer Of Wisdom]
'I bring truth and understanding
I bring wit and wisdom fair
Precious gifts beyond compare
We can build a world of wonder
I can make you all aware
I will find you food and shelter
Show you fire to keep you warm
Through the endless winter storm
You can live in grace and comfort
In the world that you transform'

The people were delighted
Coming forth to claim their prize
They ran to build their cities
And converse among the wise
But one day the streets fell silent
Yet they knew not what was wrong
The urge to build these fine things
Seemed not to be so strong
The wise men were consulted
And the Bridge of Death was crossed
In quest of Dionysus
To find out what they had lost

[Dionysus: Bringer Of Love]
'I bring love to give you solace
In the darkness of the night
In the Heart's eternal light
You need only trust your feelings
Only love can steer you right
I bring laughter, I bring music
I bring joy and I bring tears
I will soothe your primal fears
Throw off those chains of reason
And your prison disappears'

The cities were abandoned
And the forests echoed song
They danced and lived as brothers
They knew love could not be wrong
Food and wine they had aplenty
And they slept beneath the stars
The people were contented
And the gods watched from afar
But the winter fell upon them
And it caught them unprepared
Bringing wolves and cold starvation
And the hearts of men despaired

[III. Armageddon: The Battle Of Heart and Mind]

The universe divided
As the heart and mind collided
With the people left unguided
For so many troubled years
In a cloud of doubts and fears
Their world was torn asunder into hollow Hemispheres

Some fought themselves, some fought each other
Most just followed one another
Lost and aimless like their brothers
For their hearts were so unclear
And the truth could not appear
Their spirits were divided into blinded

Some who did not fight
Brought tales of old to light
'My Rocinante sailed by night
On her final flight'
To the heart of Cygnus' fearsome force
We set our course
Spiraled through that timeless space
To this immortal place

[IV. Cygnus: Bringer Of Balance]

I have memory and awareness
But I have no shape or form
As a disembodied spirit
I am dead and yet unborn
I have passed into Olympus
As was told in tales of old
To the city of Immortals
Marble white and purest gold...

I see the gods in battle rage on high...
Thunderbolts across the sky...
I cannot move, I cannot hide...
I feel a silent scream begin inside...

Then all at once the chaos ceased
A stillness fell, a sudden peace
The warriors felt my silent cry
And stayed their struggle, mystified

Apollo was astonished
Dionysus thought me mad
But they heard my story further
And they wondered, and were sad

Looking down from Olympus
On a world of doubt and fear
Its surface splintered
Into sorry Hemispheres

They sat a while in silence
Then they turned at last to me
'We will call you Cygnus
The god of Balance you shall be'

[V. The Sphere: A Kind Of Dream]

We can walk our road together
If our goals are all the same
We can run alone and free
If we pursue a different aim
Let the truth of love be lighted
Let the love of truth shine clear
Armed with Sense and Liberty
With the heart and mind united in a single

May 26, 2010

Facebook FAIL, not Logical! but I'm moving here.

Facebook...arrrgh! Capricious changes, "captcha" on every post, status updates limited to 420 characters, privacy issues (change seemingly every three hours), etc. ad nauseum, GOODBYE FACEBOOK!

Logical? Not when I just got my boss's boss's boss drunk in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and he now knows my name and agrees with my desires.

That can't be bad...uh, what could go wrong?

May 24, 2010

Hotel bar at Tryp Iguatemi, Sao Paulo, Brazil - initial impression

Apparently too large for an FB status update, copied here verbatim:

Recon expedition to hotel bar complete. No one spoke english, but a phrase or two of portuguese, gesturing, and some bad spanish prevailed. Hey, a bar is the universal/international thing, so it wasn't that hard. But I was the only guy in the place, I think there were two tables in the adjoining restaurant occupied.

One beer, one caiparinha (delicious!) , two shots of cruchasa (tastes like tequila), outtathere. Enough "adventure in portuguese" for the initial foray. Until I get thirsty in about 15 minutes....bribe to bartender was enough (50% of the tab) to ensure that when I show up again in an hour to the empty bar they'll be happy to see me.

Disclosure: Any FB friends that don't want to hear about a business trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, should start ignoring me now. It's my life for the next three weeks. More detailed comments/observations will be found on my blog here: Another shot or two of that shit I might be posting all night....

NOT Logical! but, what can I say I'm here and this is what you get for the next three weeks. I might be posting in Portuguese by then. Tryp Hotel in Sao Paulo

Fb won't let me post this, so here it is (and it's Logical!) :


It's complicated...I have a "pillow menu". 6 pillows on the bed, printed "menu" on the nightstand. "Pensa de Ganso", "soft pillow", prevents heat loss and safeguards against humidity." "Pluma de Ganso", "soft and thermal isolator that safeguards against humidity, 500 grams". "Mouse de Poliuretano Hipersoft" that's a "highly soft pillow allows the user to achieve the correct spinal column position". Next, the "Latex Biaxo". "It's malleability allows it to dynamically adjust itself to the design of the head and neck, providing support in any position during sleep". That sounds like the one for ME, and yes they are labelled! Next, "Othopedico", "corrects body position during rest periods. Prevents headaches and numbness of the arms." Another potential winner! Hmm, then there is the "100% Polyester", which "Contains fibers made up of hollow strands, which act as air pockets adjusting the body temperature to any weather conditions".

OMG, which to choose? Most of us sleep with the "100% Polyester", I'd guess. Hmmm...roughing it with pillows in Sao Paulo.

As you might guess, I'm going to bed. Hmm, which pillow(s)...

Apr 28, 2010

FB Logic?

I consider F@ceBook to be illogical. Or it uses a type of logic I can't seem to fathom. Logical? Not?

Apr 11, 2010

Who shall bear our standard in 2012?

“Who shall bear our standard in 2012?

Palin/Newt? Or should Newt stay behind the scenes as a campaign strategist and one-man think tank? SecState/SecDef/NSA appointee during the transition?
So, it’ll have to be Palin/??? or ???/Palin – where do we find the ??? part? Rubio? Someone currently in obscurity? no matter. Sarah is the essential catalytic explosive ingredient necessary for “transformative change” starting January 2013.

I know we should be talking 2010 but speculating like this is too much fun!. Who is out there that is thermonuclear-ly inspirational yet tough-as-hell enough for the bloody fights certain to come? Who is out there with the General Patton attitude necessary to take on Congress and halt the socialists or, I pray, actually shrink the Federal Government?

The hard part, actually, will be slashing back the metastasized cancer of kudzu-like Federal bureaucracy. Hosanna! She appears to be uniquely skilled to tackle that “Mission Impossible”. He!!, she’s sharp and dedicated enough to succeed! Send Todd over to “chat” with the EPA chairperson while he delivers thousands of pink slips. In person. Send the boneheads back to the private sector, we can re-train them into productive citizens. They’re just government union bureaucrats, they mostly aren’t stupid. Have you read Federal regulations, procedures, forms, etc.? You are NOT an idiot if you can extract a single drop of sense from that gazillion-page steaming sh!tpile of pompous pablum-filled ‘regulations’ and ‘directives’. It’ll be tough on the mindset of the drones…but soon they will thank us for deprogramming them away from the ultimate Cult.

If it can be done, Sarah is the only public figure on my radar with enough spine, skill, charisma and principle to fight the good fight for We The People. And I, like you, am very well informed. Historically well-informed. Enlightened, even. We’re on fire, and we can win!

An amazing super-wave of History propels us forward and fills our sails. We are the children of Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Frankin and Adams – we must act boldly at this cusp or surely we will be boldly acted upon. You know the commies are just waiting for an excuse to complete our enslavement – patient decades have been invested. The evildoers are playing endgame – are we? Are we ready? Will we rise to the historical challenge?

Too early, I know it’s sketchy and very speculative, but I only see one Good Guy/Gal major party (GOP) loyalist NON-RINO available that can inspire us, raise money, get the vote out, make us smile again, only one that shows strength enough for the fight. If Sarah runs, it will be the Mother of All Battles. Hell, I think so highly of the determination she has shown that I can imagine her relishing the prospect of battling the Pravda Legacy Media. It’s long overdue they are put back in their proper place. Side effect: I can visualize the Legacy Media being cratered by Sarah and exposed even to the dumb masses of Voters as the fifth-column communist infiltrating traitors they have been for at least 50 years. Bonus, media discredited and bankrupt!

Sarah Palin. The only game-changing winner conservative candidate on the radar screen.

If you are a more electable/inspirational/competent executive/passionate revolutionary than Sarah, please stand up now and start making noise. The nation is screaming for you to appear!

The ugliness of the attacks on Sarah will probably give me an ulcer, stroke or a heart attack: Watching the Legacy Media throw every stone on the planet at her for 24 months will wound us all. Lies, slander, innuendo, insults, and blasphemous fantasies non-stop 24/7. It will hurt me more than her – I will have to watch from the sidelines as she gets hammered with relentless zeal, and feel the pain she can not show lest the media use even THAT as a weapon against her.

I believe she is tough enough to take it. But I’m not sure that I can!

If she leads the charge across no-mans-land, if she survives the nukes that will be dropped on her, then I guess I am strong enough to survive watching it. Hell, we will all be inspired to charge along with her, bayonets fixed, tar and feathers at the ready, pitchfork held high, with battlecries rising from our united throats!

Posting here at HA will help keep morale high. When Sarah announces her run, we will know beyond doubt
that she is confident in the temper of her steel, and emotionally armored for the fight. This is the fight of our lives, our WWII. We must step up as the new “greatest generation”. If she decides not to run, we can still be confident in her peerless support for the cause and we may then bask in her pleasure of living a “normal” life. May G-d bless.
It is not shameful to decline driving her family and other supporters through the hell of the scorched-earth World War battle the commies will wage. She is a unique force; certainly she will continue to infuse tsunami-force impetus to our cause whether she runs or not.

If she does run, I will cry with shared pain as she suffers the evil cruelty of the media, and I will pray for her strength and grace to be sufficient to the task.
It’s going to be a nasty, nasty, black and evil assault from the Dems no matter who we nominate. The Dems are “all-in” now, expect no quarter. If Sarah Palin is our nominee, G-d protect and sustain her, for the media and Dems will set new lows of mudslinging, venom, and viciousness in the attempt to knock her down.
Maybe they will overplay and make some irrecoverable overreaching mistake (they can’t stop themselves, they are after all emotionally children) but I will feel Sarah and Todd’s pain.

Heh. Todd. Heh. ‘First Dude’. “Call my wife a brainless f—–g —-, will you? Step outside, you pansy #*()#$%^#($!! ‘reporter’ @sswipe, you”. Heh. Todd Palin. Maybe there will be some fun mixed with the pain.

(Apologies for the long post, I already feel the pain of the 2012 fight of our lives. Sarah is almost certainly tougher than I am)

Apr 10, 2010

Oath Of Office

Federal Oath Of Office vs. Federal Oath Of Office swearee's behaviour can not be reconciled.

Low Percentage of Logical Correlation

Approximately 12%.

Maybe I should rename this blog to....NOT!

Apr 8, 2010

Ignorance and Wishful Thinking

Ignorance and Wishful Thinking

Here we sit in April 2010, more alert and paying more attention than ever. Thanks to new media, tens of millions of Americans are reading, researching primary sources, and exposing political corruption as never before in history, picking it all apart in real-time – previous generations only found out 20 years later in history books.

YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. “Business as usual” is over. The analysts, pundits, poll-takers, etc. are all “professional” “insiders”. And they are all wrong.

Forest. Trees. You know the hackneyed old saying. They can’t see it, or more probably can’t SAY it. They’re pros, remember, they have a boss to answer to.

Well, I’m happily an amateur, so in this endeavor my boss is myself. The “Silent Majority” are hitting the streets as never before, and all research, study, statistics, etc. about what has come before are no longer pertinent. The last time an earthquake of this magnitude occurred in American politics was the anti-Vietnam-War protests of the 1960’s. Yeah.

Ignore the pundits and the pros, the pollsters, number crunchers, and politicians. The “experts” are always wrong at the tipping points of history. “No one saw it coming!” they’ll all moan. “You can’t blame me!”. Yes, I can and will blame you, sir, it was your cushy government or think-tank job to See It Coming and Let Us Know. Or hell, you could always have just Been Competent and Earned Your Pay instead of offering excuses now. “No one saw it coming”: certainly not the vested interests, the “establishment”, and the clueless. There is an earthquake and LANDSLIDE on the way for November 2010.

Picture this in your mind: You’re sitting on the beach, watching waves come in. They come in, unending, and wash up smoothly to cool our feet as they suck the sand from underneath our feet. Every few minutes, the swells combine to crest as a breaking wave a foot or two high, 50 feet from shore, unthreatening. If you sit there and watch long enough, you’ll eventually see several of the breakers randomly converge on a Mach-3 beeline to the shore. This wave scours the beach clean en route to washing out the road 300 feet inshore.

Unlike beach waves measured in minutes or a few hours, human history is written in decades and generations. You need a longer view and knowledge of that which has come before to “see it coming”. But it comes. Ignorance and wishful thinking can't deflect History.

We certainly live in “interesting times”.

(Events of the last year or so are NOT Logical!)

Mar 18, 2010


History will make note of this time, possibly this very weekend of the 2010 Spring Equinox. Yes, History is being made in these days that will be taught to schoolchildren 100 years from now (Or not - History books are written by the victors).

The Wall Street Journal website allows comments on the Opinion page ( 34 million daily page views, 2.3 million daily visitors. is restricted to registered users - Hot Air gets 18 million monthly page views, 1.3 million monthly unique visitors and 120 million ad impressions. HUGE site, and merely "big" site.

In the last few weeks people have been posting, on these sites, about certain Amendments and how many like-minded folks they would need. "Hypothetically", of course...

Either Homeland Security is pouring gasoline on the fire of anger sweeping America trolling for suspects, the citizenry is on the verge of active opposition to the Government of the United States of America, non-government trolls are just being trolls, or the posters lack all tact and/or common sense.

Is this analysis Logical, or not?

(BTW - what's your opinion?)

Mar 6, 2010

Somebody forgave me

....or more likely, decades of learned (personal,mental) survival skills kicked in and Logical thoughts prevailed.

I'm better now. Good enough, anyway.

How the hell did I not make a SINGLE post during the 2009 U.S. elections? Too busy supporting my candidates, I guess.

There was only one Logical choice.

Mar 3, 2010

God forgive me

I am SO mad. Yes, at them. Thinking evil thoughts.

God forgive me...but that thought isn't logical!

WTF can I do if I can't ask God for absolution? Given my thoughts, maybe Allah is a more "logical" deity for me to worship.

No, no matter how dark my thoughts are, I won't actively worship the Devil.

Late post

A friend at work asks rhetorically, in passing, "How's it going?"

"Waiting to die", I answer.

She freezes, and quickly motions me to a more private place to speak. "What the hell do you mean by That!"

"Just hanging, drifting, not interested in anything, almost no responsibilities except myself, middle aged, no goals or plans. Burned out on trying to date at 47, all these wierdoes in Manhattan and even Long Beach, yet it's so hard to leave. How the hell can you be this bored in NYC?"

She pulls my ear close to her lips as she whispers, "You're already dead..."

She grabs me violently by his collar, and snatched my face close to hers.

"Don't you even think about laying down, you fuck! This is a better place with you here!" My teeth rattled as she shook me. "There are people that rely on you and care about you - you are NOT alone."

Shuddering, I was held tightly in her grasp. This wasn't the bridge of a ship in deadly combat, or an isolated foxhole occupied by two grunts with an incoming artillery barrage. It was just an office building with nothing but commerce and business happening - why was she so vehement?

Then she kissed me - not a quick peck, or a 'We're more than friends' kiss, but the full-on, steaming kiss that Makes Promises for later. "Stick around", she breathed.

And that explained everything.