May 31, 2012

Sweating out Solutions

I've been sweating outdoors a lot in Texas and the South in general, and also reading a lot of "historical" fiction based in the South in the 1800s.

Many detailed depictions of the clothing they wore in that era, and the humidity. One top-notch author noted that the British considered 19th century service in Washington D.C. a "hardship post" because of the terrible climate, heat and humidity. Considering the formal clothing required, and the Brit's global expertise with tropical conditions, that's a pretty damning indictment of D.C.

But just think, in the 1800's a lot of positions were vehemently expressed, and acted upon, without endless spin and dissembling.

How much of that was the sweat pouring under woolen clothing? When's the last time you wore a wool suit in a non-air-conditioned building when the heat index outside is 110?

Maybe we should shut off the AC in the Capitol building, and watch the resultant action!!!

Logical? I think so. Make 'em work, instead of talk endless BS...

May 28, 2012

Government We Deserve?

Some idiot on said we "get the government we deserve".

Not this Century.
The Average American deserves leadership that respects them, not Rulers that take every advantage. We deserve citizen-soldiers, and part-time Congresspeople that have accomplished something in life besides being elected by moochers to “bring home the bacon”. We deserve honesty. We deserve accountability. We deserve frugal, judicious use of the heavy taxes we pay – tax money taken from the mouths of our hungry children.

Stardate: Memorial Day, 2012

Killing 34 hours in my new Home State of Texas, observing Memorial Day in my airforce-veteran-military-brat kind of way...reflecting and FAT we all are. Not me, but:

Christ, a 250 lb 40+ heifer helping her 300 lb 65+ mother to the feeding trough at Denny's All You Can Eat?

Everywhere, 250lb+ idiots with a 64oz coke in one hand and a 3/4 lb burger in the other...walking across the damned parking lot? TOWARD the car, what the hell did they eat inside for this to be a snack to get them back to the car?

These are your fellow Americans, the Citizens we hope will step up and vote out Tyranny, and vote for Liberty and Constitutional Governance.

The only Logical chance is to have a soda refill pump at the polling place. Maybe go "old-school", crack a keg and hand out $20s.

 Or maybe logic suggests these fat fuckers stay home and order more pizza?