Apr 11, 2010

Who shall bear our standard in 2012?

“Who shall bear our standard in 2012?

Palin/Newt? Or should Newt stay behind the scenes as a campaign strategist and one-man think tank? SecState/SecDef/NSA appointee during the transition?
So, it’ll have to be Palin/??? or ???/Palin – where do we find the ??? part? Rubio? Someone currently in obscurity? no matter. Sarah is the essential catalytic explosive ingredient necessary for “transformative change” starting January 2013.

I know we should be talking 2010 but speculating like this is too much fun!. Who is out there that is thermonuclear-ly inspirational yet tough-as-hell enough for the bloody fights certain to come? Who is out there with the General Patton attitude necessary to take on Congress and halt the socialists or, I pray, actually shrink the Federal Government?

The hard part, actually, will be slashing back the metastasized cancer of kudzu-like Federal bureaucracy. Hosanna! She appears to be uniquely skilled to tackle that “Mission Impossible”. He!!, she’s sharp and dedicated enough to succeed! Send Todd over to “chat” with the EPA chairperson while he delivers thousands of pink slips. In person. Send the boneheads back to the private sector, we can re-train them into productive citizens. They’re just government union bureaucrats, they mostly aren’t stupid. Have you read Federal regulations, procedures, forms, etc.? You are NOT an idiot if you can extract a single drop of sense from that gazillion-page steaming sh!tpile of pompous pablum-filled ‘regulations’ and ‘directives’. It’ll be tough on the mindset of the drones…but soon they will thank us for deprogramming them away from the ultimate Cult.

If it can be done, Sarah is the only public figure on my radar with enough spine, skill, charisma and principle to fight the good fight for We The People. And I, like you, am very well informed. Historically well-informed. Enlightened, even. We’re on fire, and we can win!

An amazing super-wave of History propels us forward and fills our sails. We are the children of Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Frankin and Adams – we must act boldly at this cusp or surely we will be boldly acted upon. You know the commies are just waiting for an excuse to complete our enslavement – patient decades have been invested. The evildoers are playing endgame – are we? Are we ready? Will we rise to the historical challenge?

Too early, I know it’s sketchy and very speculative, but I only see one Good Guy/Gal major party (GOP) loyalist NON-RINO available that can inspire us, raise money, get the vote out, make us smile again, only one that shows strength enough for the fight. If Sarah runs, it will be the Mother of All Battles. Hell, I think so highly of the determination she has shown that I can imagine her relishing the prospect of battling the Pravda Legacy Media. It’s long overdue they are put back in their proper place. Side effect: I can visualize the Legacy Media being cratered by Sarah and exposed even to the dumb masses of Voters as the fifth-column communist infiltrating traitors they have been for at least 50 years. Bonus, media discredited and bankrupt!

Sarah Palin. The only game-changing winner conservative candidate on the radar screen.

If you are a more electable/inspirational/competent executive/passionate revolutionary than Sarah, please stand up now and start making noise. The nation is screaming for you to appear!

The ugliness of the attacks on Sarah will probably give me an ulcer, stroke or a heart attack: Watching the Legacy Media throw every stone on the planet at her for 24 months will wound us all. Lies, slander, innuendo, insults, and blasphemous fantasies non-stop 24/7. It will hurt me more than her – I will have to watch from the sidelines as she gets hammered with relentless zeal, and feel the pain she can not show lest the media use even THAT as a weapon against her.

I believe she is tough enough to take it. But I’m not sure that I can!

If she leads the charge across no-mans-land, if she survives the nukes that will be dropped on her, then I guess I am strong enough to survive watching it. Hell, we will all be inspired to charge along with her, bayonets fixed, tar and feathers at the ready, pitchfork held high, with battlecries rising from our united throats!

Posting here at HA will help keep morale high. When Sarah announces her run, we will know beyond doubt
that she is confident in the temper of her steel, and emotionally armored for the fight. This is the fight of our lives, our WWII. We must step up as the new “greatest generation”. If she decides not to run, we can still be confident in her peerless support for the cause and we may then bask in her pleasure of living a “normal” life. May G-d bless.
It is not shameful to decline driving her family and other supporters through the hell of the scorched-earth World War battle the commies will wage. She is a unique force; certainly she will continue to infuse tsunami-force impetus to our cause whether she runs or not.

If she does run, I will cry with shared pain as she suffers the evil cruelty of the media, and I will pray for her strength and grace to be sufficient to the task.
It’s going to be a nasty, nasty, black and evil assault from the Dems no matter who we nominate. The Dems are “all-in” now, expect no quarter. If Sarah Palin is our nominee, G-d protect and sustain her, for the media and Dems will set new lows of mudslinging, venom, and viciousness in the attempt to knock her down.
Maybe they will overplay and make some irrecoverable overreaching mistake (they can’t stop themselves, they are after all emotionally children) but I will feel Sarah and Todd’s pain.

Heh. Todd. Heh. ‘First Dude’. “Call my wife a brainless f—–g —-, will you? Step outside, you pansy #*()#$%^#($!! ‘reporter’ @sswipe, you”. Heh. Todd Palin. Maybe there will be some fun mixed with the pain.

(Apologies for the long post, I already feel the pain of the 2012 fight of our lives. Sarah is almost certainly tougher than I am)

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