May 28, 2012

Stardate: Memorial Day, 2012

Killing 34 hours in my new Home State of Texas, observing Memorial Day in my airforce-veteran-military-brat kind of way...reflecting and FAT we all are. Not me, but:

Christ, a 250 lb 40+ heifer helping her 300 lb 65+ mother to the feeding trough at Denny's All You Can Eat?

Everywhere, 250lb+ idiots with a 64oz coke in one hand and a 3/4 lb burger in the other...walking across the damned parking lot? TOWARD the car, what the hell did they eat inside for this to be a snack to get them back to the car?

These are your fellow Americans, the Citizens we hope will step up and vote out Tyranny, and vote for Liberty and Constitutional Governance.

The only Logical chance is to have a soda refill pump at the polling place. Maybe go "old-school", crack a keg and hand out $20s.

 Or maybe logic suggests these fat fuckers stay home and order more pizza?

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