Aug 28, 2015

Logic. The foundation of all Western Civilization, the basis of everything that has advanced us from the Caves. Spear/Atlatl/Bow+arrow - someone figures it out using Logic.

Take a look - guy throws spear farther, we are more safely away from dangerous beast (dinner) "How'd you do that?" "Uh, hooked this stick to the back then flung it like This!"

Worked, so they all started doing it, and Won.

We've been doing a lot of stuff lately that defies Logic. Logic always wins. You can ride it out for awhile, it sure makes you a lot of money and/or makes you look good in the short run, but Logical Nations and Logical Individual People play the long game.

Don't be Stupid. Nationally nor Individually.

Logically, it's time to hunker down and survive the storms.

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