May 24, 2010

Hotel bar at Tryp Iguatemi, Sao Paulo, Brazil - initial impression

Apparently too large for an FB status update, copied here verbatim:

Recon expedition to hotel bar complete. No one spoke english, but a phrase or two of portuguese, gesturing, and some bad spanish prevailed. Hey, a bar is the universal/international thing, so it wasn't that hard. But I was the only guy in the place, I think there were two tables in the adjoining restaurant occupied.

One beer, one caiparinha (delicious!) , two shots of cruchasa (tastes like tequila), outtathere. Enough "adventure in portuguese" for the initial foray. Until I get thirsty in about 15 minutes....bribe to bartender was enough (50% of the tab) to ensure that when I show up again in an hour to the empty bar they'll be happy to see me.

Disclosure: Any FB friends that don't want to hear about a business trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, should start ignoring me now. It's my life for the next three weeks. More detailed comments/observations will be found on my blog here: Another shot or two of that shit I might be posting all night....

NOT Logical! but, what can I say I'm here and this is what you get for the next three weeks. I might be posting in Portuguese by then.

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