May 24, 2010 Tryp Hotel in Sao Paulo

Fb won't let me post this, so here it is (and it's Logical!) :


It's complicated...I have a "pillow menu". 6 pillows on the bed, printed "menu" on the nightstand. "Pensa de Ganso", "soft pillow", prevents heat loss and safeguards against humidity." "Pluma de Ganso", "soft and thermal isolator that safeguards against humidity, 500 grams". "Mouse de Poliuretano Hipersoft" that's a "highly soft pillow allows the user to achieve the correct spinal column position". Next, the "Latex Biaxo". "It's malleability allows it to dynamically adjust itself to the design of the head and neck, providing support in any position during sleep". That sounds like the one for ME, and yes they are labelled! Next, "Othopedico", "corrects body position during rest periods. Prevents headaches and numbness of the arms." Another potential winner! Hmm, then there is the "100% Polyester", which "Contains fibers made up of hollow strands, which act as air pockets adjusting the body temperature to any weather conditions".

OMG, which to choose? Most of us sleep with the "100% Polyester", I'd guess. Hmmm...roughing it with pillows in Sao Paulo.

As you might guess, I'm going to bed. Hmm, which pillow(s)...

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