Jun 3, 2010

Amygdala vs. Cortex

In other words, what this Blog is all about!

Eric R Markgraf from FaceBook
he's quoting RUSH!

Of course I am...and I frequently quote Heinlein and Jefferson and Locke and Einstein and Heisenberg and Lincoln and other geniuses...we should NOT be making this up as we go along...unless we want to enter another Dark Age like after the fall of Rome.

It's the only answer, or we revert to 10,000 years of killing people we don't like. I'm ready, there are some fuckers out there that I REALLY don't like, but my soul will eternally reside in hell if I indulge myself.

So let's just let you run alone and free, while I pursue a different aim, like Rush said 30 years ago? Or some such? Ok?

Damn, if that could be the headline of the next 365 editions of the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, LA Times and a 24/7 ticker on the screens of CNN and FNC...we might avoid the (2nd? 3rd?) fall of Civilization.

Think "Nightfall", or "Foundation".

amygdala tells me to just shoot the bastards, "it'd be fun!" but my cortex doesn't want to start a new Dark Age. Dilemma...years old...ongoing...

I'm moving this to xxyzzy.blogspot.com...

Now I can be logical...let's stave off the fall of civilization, ok? Read my previous post. Please!!!!

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