Jun 4, 2010


In Brazilian Portuguese, this is reportedly a difficult word to translate.

Not for me. It's the only portuguese I have ever known, even before I heard the word. My Mother claims our maid in the Azores spoke portuguese to me as an infant, but I don't remember - we moved when I was barely walking.

"Suadade", nostalgia, loneliness, "I miss you", or "a vague and constant desire for something other than the present, a turning toward the past or the future, an indolent dreaming wistfulness" (A.F.G. Bell).

Just call me J. Suadade Galt...I've felt like "suadade" forever.

Not LOGICAL!, more amygdala than cortex, but as real as the concrete that breaks your nose when you stumble on the curb and faceplant.

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